Property Services

We make it easy for you

For many people the dream comes true when they purchase their property in Spain. However, the language barrier, unfamiliarity with regulations, contract terms, market conditions etc, can make ownership more complicated than it needs to be. Casa Care can guide you through these obstacles leaving you to enjoy your dream.

Regular Inspections

In order to maintain the property in its best condition and to ensure maximum security, a weekly inspection is carried out during periods of unoccupation. This includes checking all utilities are functioning, electric, water, alarm etc, examining the property for water leaks, dampness, security of windows, doors and locks, general wear and tear. In addition lights are checked and bulbs replaced as needed.

Property Maintenance

Having operated on the Coast for over 37 years we have an established maintenance team to provide for all requirements. Covering all trades from electrical to carpentry and from floor polishing to decorating. We offer a snagging service for owners buying from new and a project management service for those wanting to undertake reformation or building projects. An emergency service is also available for those unforeseen needs.

Key Management

To maintain a high level of security all key movements are carefully recorded and monitored. Keys are always secure when not in use to prevent unauthorized usage. Casa Care recommends security coded property access keys to prevent users from obtaining un-registered copies. A 24 hour key collection service is also available.

Cleaning and Laundry Service

We offer a range of cleaning and laundry services to cater for all needs whether for yourself or your guests. For clients offering their properties for rental we have developed a pool laundry system which streamlines the linen issue and helps keep costs down.

Client Arrival Services

From collection of owners, visitors or guests for the airport using our dedicated Taxi service to arranging car hire services, Casa Care again come out on top. Food packs, flowers and even Xmas trees can be put in the property for your arrivals Over the years we have been able to help many owners give that special welcome to their guests.

Pool and Garden Services

We can provide both garden and pool maintenance staff to care for your property or simply supervise existing staff, to ensure that standards are maintained and the necessary services provided.

Legal, Fiscal, Office and Utility Service

Owning a property in Spain comes with its responsibilities and again we can offer sound advice and point you in the right direction to ensure that your legal and fiscal requirements are being dealt with correctly and efficiently. In addition, our office is at your disposal to enable you to keep in contact with home or office. We can also help you monitor your utility and insurance payments and undertake their payment if required.

Rental Management

The realization that a potential money earning asset is standing vacant for a large part of the year has made many owners turn to rentals. We at Casa Care can help you in this regard by supplying all the local services that are required to ensure that your clients have a pleasant and trouble free stay. From simple key handling to the personal meet and greet service. We can supply your clients with food hampers or those special floral bouquets and bottles of Bubbly. And of course that all important on site assistance whenever it's needed.