The Andalucía government have today announced slightly stricter measures to help control the increase of incidences over the festive period and the further spread of Covid 19.
These new measures will apply from 11/25 January.
Travel outside Andalucía will not be permitted however within the provinces it is still allowed (bearing in mind that some of the provinces are currently closed – Campo de Gibraltar).
The curfew has been extended and will be in effect from 22:00 – 06:00.
The maximum number of persons allowed to gather remains at 6.
All shops will have to close by 20:00.
Bars and restaurants have to close at 18:00.
Cafeterias can remain open till 20:00.
Schools and some universities will remain open.
Universities of Granada, Jaen, Almeria and Jerez will move to online teaching.
The use of masks remains compulsory and they are urging everyone to abide by this ruling and to remind those who think they are exceptions, are actually disrespecting those that abide by the rule.