Over the past few months a number of owners have taken the opportunity during this “Quiet Period” to undertake refurbishing or maintenance work while the property is empty.

On the refurbishing side this has included bathroom remodeling, replacement kitchens, revamping outside terrace and garden areas, conversion of basements, remodeling stairways to mention just a few. So if you have a project (small or large) that you have been considering, then why not give us a call so see if we can help you get it from an idea into an actual project.

As for Maintenance what better time to arrange for the exterior of the property to be painted.  The exterior paint is what helps protect the structure from the elements and needs to be done every 4-5 years to ensure it remains effective.   In the case of apartments where this task is controlled by the community why not consider sprucing up the interior paint work.  Recently one owner did this and took the opportunity move sockets and add bedside switches as she had purchased a larger bed and the sockets end up being hidden behind the headboard !

As announced on Wednesday no travel into Spain is being permitted from the UK until 2nd March and with the current restrictions we anticipate visitors will not be returning until April May, so this gives an ideal window to undertake this work and have the property looking its best for your arrival.