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Andalucía continues to outline its vaccination plan and the regional government’s spokesman, Elías Bendodo, announced this Tuesday (30 March) that the region wants to start vaccinating those over 65 years of age and high-risk patients from 15 April.

The group of high-risk patients includes people with Down’s syndrome, cancer patients and those receiving dialysis treatments – but the smooth delivery of the plan will be subject to the arrival of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Bendodo forecast that by next week everyone over 80 will have had at least one dose of the vaccine.

He confirmed the arrival of another 368,000 doses of vaccines in the region: “A significant figure, although it is not yet the half million that we demand,” he said.

“At this rate it is going to be difficult to reach the summer with 70 per cent of the people vaccinated but if a fourth player – the Janssen vaccine – enters the field, the campaign can be accelerated throughout Spain. We are prepared to vaccinate seven days a week,” he reiterated.

For Bendodo, mass vaccination is “essential” to avoid a fourth wave and has once again called for “the maximum responsibility of all Andalusians”.